Welcome to Handmade by Helen

I am a mother of two beautiful girls living in the lovely county of Norfolk, UK.  I have my own little hair salon where I do my other job as a hairdresser. After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2019 I decided that I needed to take up a hobby that would be beneficial to both my health and mind. From that decision was born a hobby that turned into a passion that has taken over. Time flies when I’m in my craft room working with gorgeous fabrics and patterns.

Every bow I design is handmade with love and care. My motto for everything I make is

“I wouldn’t sell it if I wouldn’t buy it myself”

Because every item is handmade please bare in mind that fabric patterns and design placements will be individual to every item. Please click here to browse the shop.

If you have any questions please see my FAQ or contact me.

Thank you for browsing my website.